Sing perfectly in key every time, with a powerful choir backing you up in flawless harmony!

Choose to use your own voice as your ‘lead vocal’ or a new ‘RoboTune‘ setting, transforming your ‘in tune’ vocal chords into a deep, resonant, robotic tone.
The cutting-edge vocal effects used in high-end studios by artists like Kanye West, Bon Iver and Imogen Heap are now immediately accessible on your portable device.

RoboTune works immediately when you load the app; just sing into your mic (using headphones and/or an external mic is recommended to avoid feedback).

Record and playback a loop to layer your performance and create your own track.

Add high quality effects: reverb and delay allow you to add character and space to your performances.

Advanced features allow you to add your own unique textures when you are ready to explore, including: 

  • Complete control over 4 voices, volume of your own ‘tuned’ input voice or instrument and 3 harmony voices, each of which can be pitched in semitones relatively.
  • Two settings to automatically create dynamic harmony lines for your backing choir: high or low harmonies in key following your melody.
  • Control over the key and tonality of your ‘tuning’.
  • A formant filter on one of your harmony voices to add/avoid a ‘chipmunk’ effect.
  • Control over timing of your loop, to allow it to perfectly fit in a given tempo.
  • A ‘gate’ to remove background sounds when you are in a noisy performance space.